Why September Is the New December

There are so many fabulous things about Fall. The nostalgia of back to school time, cooler temps, vibrant colors of changing leaves, scarves (I love me some layering) and pumpkin everything (though, do I dare to admit that the past couple of seasons I’ve skipped the pumpkin spice lattes – don’t hate!)

You might also see a lot of talk about September being the real “new year” or find yourself focusing on new or different goals, or taking stock of the previous months and resetting your intentions.

Why September Is the New December

I’ve always been a BIG believer in September as a time for fresh starts, but even more so now. Honestly, this year has been really [insert a longggg string of swear words here] tough. As a friend so perfectly texted, “2017 can kiss my ass.”

Both of my businesses went on the back burner as my family became the absolute priority. And I’m not gonna lie, everything suffered – my self-care, my focus, motivation and determination for #allthethings. I will never regret putting my family first, but now I’m ready to get my groove back.

Since there were a lot of plans for PbP that fell to the wayside, I’m now re-evaluating and determining which ones I’ll return to and which ones I will completely let go of. Grief and loss are horrible, but I believe they are the catalyst for transformation and evolution. Things that used to matter just don’t. And while it’s an unwanted adjustment for sure, I’m using this new perspective to get 110% serious and GROW PbP to make it my sole generating income.

Let me end this by expressing my utmost gratitude that you choose to support me and small business in general. Please know that I lovingly curate the products, do all the administrative business stuff I won’t bore you with, and package the curated card and stationery boxes myself. Every day, you bring me one step closer to my goal of being able to support my husband and our beagle-terrier mix pup solely from this biz.

Do You Believe September Is The New December?

What new goals or intentions are you making or revisiting? Please share with me in the comments below so we can encourage and support one another. And next week we have a guest post on self-care and bullet journaling. Get ready for some major #bujo eye candy! Eep!

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  1. I love these type of self-care posts! I never really thought about September being that goal-making month, but I really like it so I am totally adapting that as I am starting a new college program so I am working and going back to school!

    I’m sorry 2017 has been such a crazy year for you! I applaud your goals and I wish you all of the positive vibes to get back into it and show 2017 you’ve got more grit than it does! I believe in you!!!

    I think I’ve been trying to work on some small and big goals from:

    -Staying in touch with letter writing as a de-stressor and fun hobby!
    -Learning better ways to save more
    -Stay on top of my schoolwork
    -Start reading for fun again
    -Figure out what kind of career I want to work towards
    -Learn how to give myself time off and to take care of my body (healthy habits kick my arse!)

    In terms of resetting my intentions, I want to be a better version of myself! I want to make sure I accomplish my daily tasks, try to take better care of my physical and mental health, and to get much better with my financial goals (especially since being in an LDR = saving money to see him!)

    SUPER excited for the upcoming guest post!!!!!

    Ps. PST! I’m no PSL hater, I never really jumped onto that train haha!

    • Brittany – thank you for your kind words & support! I’m so impressed that you’re going back to school & that you’re working on small & big goals, all while working too. And of course, I’m biased for your staying in touch goal, lol! I am incorporating reading more into my life too (which means watching less Netflix) & getting back to being healthier. Let’s encourage one another & I hope that you’ll join us in my bujo accountability request in next week’s guest post. Big hugs. xoxo

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