Why I Don’t Use E-card Services


Who can deny the convenience of modern technology and social media? Certainly not me. I’ve texted happy birthday greetings, sent check-in emails and posted “miss you” messages on FB walls. I value and appreciate that I can reach out to someone I care about in a matter of minutes. It’s a way to quickly be there when I physically can’t be there.


I will always be a #snailmail woman at heart and I value handwritten notes and letters first and foremost.

Why I Don’t Use E-card Services

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since I founded Pretty by Post® with the mission of inspiring #fierceloyalty and bringing back the charm of old school correspondence. I wanted to provide an easy way to connect with the ones you love and bring back the joy and beauty of real communication…that still fits into your fast-paced lifestyle.

This is how much I believe in the power of handwritten correspondence – I founded my own business based on these values. I’m walking my talk, baby.

There is nothing that can compare to sending tangible, physical mementos that can be cherished by the recipient. Handwritten notes can be preserved, re-read and appreciated over and over again. You can read more about the benefits of sending cards in this previous blog post.

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In fact, recipients of my cards often let me know that they look at the card I sent on a regular basis (sometimes even daily) no matter how long ago I sent it. How amazing is that?

You cannot get that same level of emotion from receiving an impersonal e-card. You just can’t.

Now I know what you’re thinking…some e-card services offer the option of creating physical cards and customized templates from popular stationery designers like Kate Spade. Making it easy, efficient and physical…

Stop being such an old fashioned grouch, Danielle. I know that’s what you’re really thinking…

And I’m not saying that you have to send cards or handwritten correspondence all the time, no matter what, or you suck at being a loving person. NOT AT ALL. We are so fortunate to have at our disposal tools like Skype, FaceTime, FB, cell phones etc. to keep in touch.

What I am saying is, at the end of the day, a handwritten sentiment (yes, in your actual handwriting), with a handpicked card will always mean more and evoke more positive emotions in the recipient as well as in the sender.

I can’t easily frame a text or a FB post. I can frame a card or tape it to my wall or lay it on my desk, or bedside table as a physical reminder of love, connection and community.

And that dear friends is why I won’t use an e-card service.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Have you used an online e-card service or have you been the recipient of an online card? Do you think there is something to be said for tangible handwritten correspondence? All opinions, as long as they are polite, are welcome!

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  1. Sadly, the art of penmanship is quickly becoming extinct. Handwritten notes are the BEST! I definitely share your sentiments (punned on purpose) about e-cards, Danielle, with one exception …

    My fiance sends me the neatest talking e-cards. Sometimes they’re romantic and most often, they’re humorous. I lobe them.

    Two thumbs up and a tip of my hat for snail mail!! 🙂


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