When You Don’t Know What to Say: 3 Quick & Easy Tips for Writing Notes

When You Don’t Know What to Say: 3 Quick & Easy Tips for Writing Notes

If you’re a monthly subscriber, then you’ve been receiving quick writing tips with your cards because a lot of people have told me that they struggle with what to say. I totally get it and I’m here to make sure sending cards is easy peasy! Besides providing the best of the best cards, I want to make sure that you’ll actually send them out, too.

If you’re stuck on what to say, I’m a big believer in brief, to-the-point messages. You can let the card do most of the talking, which is why I’ve provided cards that do exactly that.

This card from Odd Daughter Paper Company speaks for itself. You could write #truth & sign your name or give a reason for why he/she is your fave: You always know… exactly how to cheer me up/what to say/what’s best for me. You’re a…great listener/awesome friend.

You are my fave

For a thank you note, be specific. State exactly what you’re thankful for – their friendship, the gift they sent, letting you vent, complain or celebrate. Or just for being them.


And for those of you who are trying to reconnect or nurture a friendship, sending a note to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while doesn’t have to be awkward at all, trust me! Briefly acknowledge the lapse of time & why you’re choosing to get back in touch. Then end with a fond memory, compliment or appropriate sentiment: I was just thinking about that time we…you were always so good at…I regret we’ve fallen out of touch, but I hope we can rekindle our friendship.


Any other tips you’d like to share? Let’s inspire one another to keep writing and sending #snailmail.

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