We Need Love & Connection Now More Than Ever

We Need Love and Connection Now More Than Ever

Wow. It’s difficult to come up with words of comfort during this time. There’s a whole range of emotions out there, from scared & anxious to frustrated & bored. As an introvert & homebody, who works from home, I’ve kinda been social distancing / self-quarantining for a long time now (and yes, I need humor to get through this) so I’m definitely not bored.

And I’m super lucky that I can continue working right now (though, I’m 110% scared about being a small business owner as I’m watching more & more small card shops close) when so many others don’t have this option and/or have kids at home with all the school closures.

But what I do know without a doubt is that …

We need LOVE + Connection now more than ever. It’s the only way we’re going to get through this. #bettertogether

And another thing I know is that snail mail people are the kindest. Right now, in the Send Cards Spread Love Facebook group, members are checking on their friends & family & sending love using the power of handwritten cards.

  • If you’re feeling alone, scared, anxious, overwhelmed or stressed then send an email to info [at] prettybypost [.com] & I’ll send you some love & if you don’t mind, I’ll share your address in our Facebook group so others can support you too.
  • If you’re feeling bored or frustrated or unsure of what you can do, check in on someone. It really does help lift your mood when you focus on being of service & giving to others.
  • And if you wanna send cards + spread love join us in the Facebook group. We have monthly card-sending challenges (with prizes!) & we participate in mini card drives. Just this past holiday season we sent cards to Love for the Elderly. We’ve also sent cards to a woman who lost her 6 month old baby boy, an 18 year old girl with a severe disorder who was badly bullied, a young girl waiting for a heart transplant, a woman with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, & many more.

I’ll leave you with what I shared on Instagram:

Now more than ever is the time for human connection. LOVE with all your heart. Make sure to tell your people how much they mean to you. Make the call. Send the text. Hug (or give a virtual hug) one more time & then again. Love, love, love. And then love some more. 💗

Be healthy, be safe & love one another.



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