Watercolor & Hand Lettered DIY Cards

Today we have a guest post from the lovely Sara of Sara Creates™. She shows us how to create two beautiful DIY cards using watercolors, pen and stamps.

PLUS she made 3 videos, showing us her step-by-step process for creating the Holiday / Gratitude cards you’ll find below.

Lastly, Sara has graciously offered a FREE December calendar PDF to print out. You can get this beautiful PDF in our resource library when you opt in to our newsletter.

Please give Sara a very warm welcome and make sure to share your card(s) with us on IG by tagging @prettybypost and @lettering_gems (don’t forget to use the hashtags #fierceloyalty and #sendcardsspreadlove so we can find you!)

Watercolor & Hand Lettered DIY Cards

With the onset of the holiday season, and the New Year approaching, everyone loves exchanging wishes and cards.

Here are two ways you can create your own cards and gift them to your loved ones using watercolors, hand lettering and stamping.

Watercolor & Hand Lettered DIY Cards

1. Create a watercolor & stamped card

To make this beautiful card, follow the directions below AND watch the quick video showing you my step by step process.

Watercolor & Hand Lettered DIY Cards

Watercolor & Hand Lettered DIY Cards


  • Tape the watercolor paper with masking tape
  • Start by adding a water wash
  • Make puddles of paints by dissolving lots of water in your watercolor paints
  • Paint your desired colors on paper not covered with the masking tape
  • Use stamps to add designs
  • Let the paint dry and then remove the tape
  • Add your message



2. Create a watercolor flower & hand lettered card

To make this beautiful card, follow the directions below AND watch the two quick videos showing my step-by-step process.

Watercolor flower & hand lettered card

Watercolour Flower Directions:

  • Use a circle stencil or the bottom of a glass or draw it freehand
  • Use watercolors to add desired color(s)
  • Draw petals and other flower details
  • Repeat watercolor and pen steps if desired



Hand Lettering Directions:

  • Grab a ruler and pencil to draw lines
  • Then use a pencil to write your message
  • Fill in with a pen or marker of choice

(Be sure to check out this guest post from the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge on tips for hand lettering.)


Materials used in videos 2 & 3:

* Canson watercolor paper

* Circular stencil

* Koi watercolors

* Watercolor brush size 8

* Uni pen black fine liner size 0.5

* Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

PS. Looking for gift ideas for yourself or others? Check out our Gift Guide Part 1: For Your Paper-Obsessed Friend, Gift Guide Part 2: For the Guys & Children In Your Life, our Planner Pop-Up Shop and our gift or regular subscriptions.

Author Bio

Sara, aka @lettering_gems (Sara Creates) started blogging in February 2015, with the hopes that her little piece of the internet would be a place where people could come to create, share, love, and inspire.

She’s a wife, a daughter-in-law, and an artist…which means she’s always busy! She’s a Full-Time Artist plus Blogger, who’s passionate about teaching others the joy of Art and Lettering…and pretty much anything creative! Her mission as an artist and blogger is to inspire a community of makers to get creative daily while embracing a spirit of community over competition.

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  1. Wow! Masha’Allah. What a fantastic post, Sara! I want to try some more watercolors! 🎨 I’ve just dipped my toes in it, but your videos make me want wade in even further! Thanks, Sis! ❤

  2. @lettering_gems Mashallah. Sara, you are such a talented artist. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. 👏

    @prettybypost Mashallah, Your blog is amazing. 😍

  3. Wow! You have a come a long way Sarah and I am proud of you! It’s great to know that you’re doing something you love and sharing it with the world. Wishing you more success and joy in your endeavours! ♡

  4. Mashallah Tabarakallah great work!

    U r a born artist for sure.

    Its great that u are sharing ur talent an many people are learning a lot from u.

  5. May allah bless u
    U are artist
    May allah fulfill all ur dream
    Ur talent is something that world is happy
    I am proud of u
    I am happy with ur art

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