Up Your Holiday Game with 2 FREE Printables

If you’ve already got all your holiday shopping done, gifts wrapped and mailed out, then stop reading and please email me with your tips. Cuz, you are the ultimate #bossbabe and I bow down to you.

But if you’re feeling stressed, rushed, behind and a little grumpy, then I’m here to help.

Up Your Holiday Game With 2 Free Printables

As much as I love to organize (did you know my other business is as a project manager, meaning I keep my client’s projects and teams on track – so I’m pretty good at this organizing thing), I’m soooo behind in all things holiday-related. All of a sudden, it’s December and there’s only…

21 days until December 25th

Do you have your gifts yet? Or your cards signed, sealed and stamped?

Instead of freakin’ out about all that I haven’t gotten around to, I find it’s more helpful to sit down, light a cookie & milk soy candle (cuz that’s the closest to baking cookies as I’ll get), play some music (maybe some Florence + The Machine or Jay Z, depending on my mood) and plan out the rest of the month.

I shared with the PbP card subscribers in my monthly note that I don’t send out Christmas/Holiday cards. WHAT the what?! Yep, it’s true. This card lovin’ enthusiast has crossed that expectation off the holiday to-do list. Instead, my tradition is to send out New Year’s cards and it makes me so much happier and way less stressed. Which is how we’re supposed to feel during the holidays, am I right?

So, to help you focus more on the holiday spirit and spreading holiday cheer, I’ve got you covered with a FREE *for newsletter subscribers-only* Gift Tracker and Card Tracker in our NEW Resource Library. The library is where you’ll find fun and helpful printables, created in gratitude for being a part of the PbP community. For those of you not on the list, you can join us here. Seriously, what are you waiting for – they’re FREE!

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I know it can feel overwhelming to keep track of all the presents you have to get for every. single. person. you know, plus their children, pets etc. So to help lessen gift overwhelm, start by getting your shopping list organized with our Gift Tracker.

Pretty By Post Gift Tracker

And if, unlike me, you love sending out holiday cards, you’re in luck. I’m also offering this handy Card Tracker, which is organized by month so you can use it all year round. The last page has extra blank boxes for months like December, when you’ll probably need extra space.

Pretty By Post Card Tracker

Sign up here to get your 2 FREE printables! I hope that you find one or both of these useful in getting organized and decreasing your stress, so you can focus on celebrating the holiday season.

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