The Benefits of Sending Cards & New Mini Subscription

There are lots of fabulous benefits to sending cards/writing letters. I’ve compiled my top 5 favorites for you below.

  1. Increase creativity. In the July 2015 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, writing a letter comes in #3 for boosting creativity. So go ahead and start sending cards and writing little notes to your heart’s content, all the while sparking your visual, cognitive & brain processes differently. Amazing, right?

Hello Beautiful

  1. Deepen/enhance relationships. Want to be a fabulous friend & win some major points? Then send a card which shows how much you care & scores very high on your depth of feeling. #fierceloyalty (The graph below is meant to be humorous but it’s also very true.) Bonus benefit – not only have you made someone happy, you’ve increased your well-being & feelings of happiness! #winning


Image courtesy of Wendy McNaughton.

  1. Create lasting memories. Cards are tangible, physical mementos that can be cherished by the recipient. Which means they can be preserved, re-read and  appreciated over & over again. Who wouldn’t love that?

To send a letter (1)

  1. An easy way to be present. Taking a couple minutes to craft a short but meaningful note (stay tuned for quick & easy writing tips in future posts) requires your undivided attention. You’ll be completely focused on your task at hand while practicing mindfulness simultaneously.

You are my favorite

  1. Inspire others to send cards. The simple act of sending cards could end up encouraging  someone else to profess their love & #fierceloyalty and keep the time-honored tradition of #snailmail alive & kickin’. There’s no doubt about it that technology helps us keep in touch easily & efficiently, but it can never replace the sacredness of cards.

I’d love to hear about the best card/letter/postcard, etc., you’ve received or sent. And how either made you feel. Please share in the comments below.

Also, guess what?! Due to popular demand there is a NEW mini subscription option for those of you who would like a smaller amount of cards & a lower price point. *happy dance* Everything is the same – gorgeous, quality cards with a few extra goodies. Check out the details here.

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