The 2019 #SendCardsSpreadLove Challenge Starts in 3 Days!

The 2019 #SendCardsSpreadLove Challenge Starts in 3 Days!

The 4th annual 2019#SendCardsSpreadLove Challenge, for National Letter Writing Month, starts in 3 days on April 15th! Let’s spend 10-15 minutes for 5 days to send cards and spread love. Get on the list here to receive the daily challenges and special gifts like a FREE shipping code, special challenge participant giveaways & other fun stuff.

Read the rest of this post for what to expect, tips for a successful challenge and lots of resources to get in the snail mail spirit!

The 2019 #SendCardsSpreadLove Challenge

The challenge will consist of:

  • 5 daily challenges with prizes
  • Letter writing resources & tips
  • A private Facebook group for accountability, card-loving friends, support & encouragement (there might be some extra special challenge goodies for members only!)

[Tweet “April is Nat’l Card & Letter Writing Month. Join me in the 5 Day #SendCardsSpreadLove Challenge to make more meaningful & deeper connections with our loved ones.”]

Tips for a Successful Challenge

You’re more likely to send out cards when you’ve picked out your cards and have all your writing supplies ready to go. Being prepared and organized will help make the challenge go more smoothly. Which is why immediately upon signing up you’ll receive a challenge pdf with the daily challenges & a place to plan out who you’re sending your cards to, along with a second email 2 days after with tips for setting up your challenge letter writing kit.

The other thing is that while it’s important to spend time getting organized for the challenge you’ll also want to think about what you want to get out of the experience of participating. Both are important.

It could be to kick start a letter writing habit like Irene.

“I discovered this challenge by chance and glad I did. I had wanted to participate in National Card and Letter Writing month somehow, but idea of Write_On with the challenge of 30 items was daunting. The Pretty by Post Challenge was achievable and the resources from Danielle and the guest posters sent in each email were wonderful and encouraged me to send more than one a week. I still sometimes refer to those posts when I’m having trouble finding words (condolence cards, I’m looking at you) or a need a pep talk to get over hurdles or find a reason why or how to do something. It was a wonderful way to kick start me back to something that I love.” – Irene L

Or to get creative like Ashley B (this is a great one for all you DIY card makers).

“I enjoyed participating in the challenge so much! It was such an amazing way to get me thinking creatively about my correspondence, and it was great to see how some friendships got even deeper with just one little card :)” – Ashley B

There’s no wrong answer – this is personal for every single one of you! Once you have an idea of what your intention might be, ask yourself what will help you be successful. Maybe it means that in addition to getting your letter writing kit together, you’ll also make a nightly ritual out of it. You’ll sit at your dining room table, light a candle, play your favorite music & take 5-10 mins to write a note.

And you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Join us in the private Facebook Group for accountability, card-loving friends, support and encouragement & prizes! Plus, we’re currently sending cards for our monthly challenge to get in the spirit for the challenge.

Get In The Snail Mail Spirit

To get ready for the challenge that starts on April 15th, here’s just a highlight of favorite reader resources from past challenges – we have so much good content from previous guest bloggers.

Writing Tips

BIG LIST of reasons to send cards

Resources on what to write

Sara McNally’s training regimen to help aspiring snail mail superstars sail over the obstacles of sending cards

Katelyn Woolley on what to say to someone who is going through a difficult time

Jill DeLuce on How to Craft the Perfect Just Because Card

Coleen (and Joe) of PaperFreckles with tips for writing to children

How to craft the perfect thank you note

Grace Quantock on writing a card to someone with grief or illness – this is our #1 most popular post. It receives several hundred reads per week. AND since it’s so popular we created a pdf of it in the subscribers-only library (log-in details at the very end of this email)

Letter Writing Inspiration

Alexandra Franzen’s post on the urgency of letting someone you know how much they mean to you AND the power of a letter to change a life.

Naomi Hattaway’s post sharing how empathy muscles are strengthened through letter writing

Skylar Liberty Rose’s beautiful memories & milestones ritual

Josh Solar on leaving words of positivity & encouragement for strangers


Amanda Sue Howell’s hand lettering envelopes tutorial

Brynn Fowler’s wax seal tutorials

Hand lettering tips+ free resources from Meenah Samuel

Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes from Nancy Gaines

Past challenge recaps (with links to every single guest post)


I hope you join us in making deeper & more meaningful connections in an easy & fun way! Festivities begin Monday, April 15th. Don’t miss out – make sure to sign up here to receive all the goodies to participate.


PS. It would mean the world to me if you would help spread the word so we can make this year’s challenge the biggest and best yet! Just click on the share buttons at the end of this post.

Click the button below to opt-in to our newsletter list and you’ll get instant access to our free resource library filled with PDFs and worksheets to make it as easy as possible to send cards and spread love.

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