Thank You for Your Love & Support

2017 was tough. I’m not gonna lie.

We were devastated by incredibly hard losses. First of my father and then, shortly after, the loss of my husband’s job. And this is not including the pain and loss of everyone impacted by the numerous widespread tragedies this year.

So I’m more than ready to kick 2017 to the curb. #ByeFelicia!

Thank You and Happy New Year!

HOWEVER, amidst the grief and the pain, there were many moments of joy, love and gratitude.

Gratitude for my amazing, supportive and loving husband, who embodies #fierceloyalty like no other human I’ve ever met.

Gratitude and love for my mom and family, especially my Aunt and Uncle who were with us through every step of my father’s diagnosis, hospital stays, chemo, radiation and then his passing.

Gratitude for my tribe and for their love and support. Not only during the hard times, but to celebrate the good and everyday too.

Immense gratitude to some very hardworking and talented behind the scenes women. My amazing tech and website guru Sara Chandlee, who was with me months before we opened the doors. The very creative and super talented photo stylist Nancy Gaines, who helps me with some of the PbP images and is now a monthly contributor. And Jodi Graham, my content and SEO expert extraordinaire.

Lastly, my utmost gratitude to my curated collection and stationery box subscribers who do me the honor of supporting our shared passion for cards and stationery, to my newsletter subs who allow me into their inboxes weekly, to the FB group peeps who #sendcardsspreadlove, to all my social media followers and to anyone who reads this blog, stops by the site, makes a purchase, shares PbP with friends and family, and who email me with suggestions, questions or comments.

I appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey!

So if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and now here’s a quick recap for PbP this year:

2018 will be even better. Of this I’m sure.

We have exciting plans… and we can’t wait to share more details.

Happy New Year friends and thanks for making this year the best yet!


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