Skylar Liberty Rose

Everybody needs a friend that they can rely on to be amazing & dependable. Well, Pretty by Post® IS that friend. Sure, it's a subscription service - but it feels like so much more than that. There's a personal touch to the whole experience, and the loyalty factor comes across in the best possible way. I believe in the brand because I feel like the brand cares about me. And that's pretty special.

Anne Samoilov

Anne Samoilov

I've been receiving my quarterly subscription box from Danielle for awhile now and I literally can't WAIT to receive them... each box is a surprise and is always something I need, can give as a gift, or completely surprises me. I am a huge lover of paper products and love how the boxes introduce me to new products and makers - DANIELLE - never stop making these boxes!!!

naomi hattaway

Naomi Hattaway

I ADORE sending handwritten cards to my friends and loved ones, but often find that I stick too closely to the same boring cards. With this subscription pack, I know that I'll receive an amazingly curated assortment of fresh, unique and interesting cards - each and every time!


Susan Burns

Pretty by Post®’s stationery boxes are a true delight. I can hardly wait until the next one arrives. Each curated item is fun to use and it always feels like a special occasion.


Amanda Kasper

I love PbP! The cards that come each month are so cute, I couldn't have done a better job picking them out myself! And they come directly to my mailbox, which means I'm never without the perfect card to send to a friend. Thanks Danielle!

A picture of Caroline Donahue

Caroline Donahue

The best way to get good mail is to give it & the PbP cards have been such a treat! There's always something fun in the mix that's good for any occasion. I love it to send cute cards to clients, family & friends & there is always something lovely to grab from my delivery on the way to a birthday party. Best subscription ever!



Thanks for creating a product I can trust. $25-$30 is a great price for a birthday gift. And having the convenience of not having to remember to wrap and ship it. No brainer!



PbP is the perfect treat each month. Not only do I ALWAYS have the perfect card on hand for every occasion, Danielle’s superb taste also means I am able to give the BEST cards. Affordable, convenient AND makes me look good… that’s the best kind of subscription!



I recently went to the store & walked through the card aisle to look at card prices & designs. I was shocked to find that a fairly basic card cost $5.95! Even more reason to show my #fierceloyalty to PbP -- Danielle takes the time and work out of card shopping so you don’t have to, and the cards are WAY better quality than what I used to buy at the store for the same price! Thanks PbP!

Erika | Pretty by Post® Love


Danielle has amazing taste in fun cards that express love, friendship, and what she calls 'FIERCE LOYALTY.' Pretty By Post® makes it easy to stay in touch with my friends, family and customers and I enjoy sending the cards as much as my loved ones enjoy receiving them. Pretty By Post® is worth every penny!



PbP helps me stay on top of my game, personally and professionally. Hand written notes are unforgettable - so when I send them I know I will be too. Danielle is brilliant and her selections are top-notch. Getting my new batch is the highlight of my month! Get a subscription for yourself or gift it to those you love.



I just love my monthly subscription from Pretty by Post®! Look out friends - cards are coming your way! Thanks to my dear friend Danielle for coming up with such a great idea. Also, thanks for saving me countless hours standing in the card isle of CVS and Target trying to find the perfect card.