Erika | Pretty by Post® Love


Danielle has amazing taste in fun cards that express love, friendship, and what she calls 'FIERCE LOYALTY.' Pretty By Post® makes it easy to stay in touch with my friends, family and customers and I enjoy sending the cards as much as my loved ones enjoy receiving them. Pretty By Post® is worth every penny!



PbP helps me stay on top of my game, personally and professionally. Hand written notes are unforgettable - so when I send them I know I will be too. Danielle is brilliant and her selections are top-notch. Getting my new batch is the highlight of my month! Get a subscription for yourself or gift it to those you love.



I just love my monthly subscription from Pretty by Post®! Look out friends - cards are coming your way! Thanks to my dear friend Danielle for coming up with such a great idea. Also, thanks for saving me countless hours standing in the card isle of CVS and Target trying to find the perfect card.



Pretty by Post® inspired a snail mail revolution in me! It's true. It started with my first curated collection (I can't wait to get my next shipment!) & then I just kept sending more mail. I've officially written 23 snailies this month and am on a roll. It's inspired me to buy beautiful stationary & fun stamps. I adore you & Pretty by Post®!