Carrie Kelleher

I loved my curated card subscription from Pretty By Post! The cards were all super unique and most importantly, cards I'm excited to send. The kind & amount of stickers was so fun! I wasn't expecting it so it felt so fun! I can't wait for the next curated collection!


Jennifer Cura

Shoutout to Pretty by Post for curating a fantastic collection of cards. Buy a pack or subscribe and bring joy to someone's (actual) mailbox with a handwritten card.

Missy Weaver

Missy Weaver

Pretty by Post's card subscription doesn't just make subscribers smile, it allows us to make our friends and family smile, too

Gina Marie Clark

Gina Marie Clark

I LOVE my card subscription. What I don't love is standing around looking through a wall of cards & then paying a ridiculous price for an ugly/lame card that I don't really like. Pretty by Post makes it so simple. The cost per card works out to less than I would pay for said ugly card. These cards are so fun - cute, quirky, & funny! Plus, I don't have to leave my house to get them. I initially signed up for a 3-month subscription & just renewed for 12. I love sending them & my friends & family love receiving them. I've become that friend that sends fun surprises in the mail!

Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown

Receiving Pretty by Post's beautiful package was only half the fun. Now I get to make someone else's day by sending them a card!

Cody Hellberg Parker

Cody Hellberg Parker

I love the diversity & surprise factor of my collection. It's always wonderful to have unique cards on hand versus having to run to the store. I am honestly very happy with the service.

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Julie Pacer

I was so impressed with the attention to me, the personalization & of course the cards were excellent too. I really did not realize how fun it would be to get this beautiful package in the mail. I usually buy cards at the Dollar Store (cringe), Target, Walgreens, & the grocery store but I am trying to reduce my time in those stores & the cards suck anyway. Thank you!

Katie Young and family

Katie Young

My friend raves about the gift subscription I gave her for a birthday present. She even brought them into work to show off. Such adorable presentation & everyone was impressed!

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Delores Azary

I love to send letters and cards to family and pen pals, so I am often on the lookout for unique cards to send. This pursuit is how I discovered Pretty by Post and Danielle. I am always excited when I see my Pretty By Post envelope. The cards come in a lovely re-usable blue envelope... It is evident Danielle puts a lot of time and thought into the cards she chooses. Danielle, thank you for all you do to make Pretty by Post a success!



Andrea Dow

Andrea Dow

I look forward to each and every package from PBP. The card collection is always carefully curated and the special extras that are included are such a fun surprise. It's clear the whole package has been prepared and sent with love! Even my kids argue over who gets to send the cards to their besties!


Skylar Liberty Rose

Everybody needs a friend that they can rely on to be amazing & dependable. Well, Pretty by Post® IS that friend. Sure, it's a subscription service - but it feels like so much more than that. There's a personal touch to the whole experience, and the loyalty factor comes across in the best possible way. I believe in the brand because I feel like the brand cares about me. And that's pretty special.