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Delores Azary

I love to send letters and cards to family and pen pals, so I am often on the lookout for unique cards to send. This pursuit is how I discovered Pretty by Post and Danielle. I am always excited when I see my Pretty By Post envelope. The cards come in a lovely re-usable blue envelope... It is evident Danielle puts a lot of time and thought into the cards she chooses. Danielle, thank you for all you do to make Pretty by Post a success!



Andrea Dow

Andrea Dow

I look forward to each and every package from PBP. The card collection is always carefully curated and the special extras that are included are such a fun surprise. It's clear the whole package has been prepared and sent with love! Even my kids argue over who gets to send the cards to their besties!


Skylar Liberty Rose

Everybody needs a friend that they can rely on to be amazing & dependable. Well, Pretty by Post® IS that friend. Sure, it's a subscription service - but it feels like so much more than that. There's a personal touch to the whole experience, and the loyalty factor comes across in the best possible way. I believe in the brand because I feel like the brand cares about me. And that's pretty special.

Anne Samoilov

Anne Samoilov

I've been receiving my quarterly subscription box from Danielle for awhile now and I literally can't WAIT to receive them... each box is a surprise and is always something I need, can give as a gift, or completely surprises me. I am a huge lover of paper products and love how the boxes introduce me to new products and makers - DANIELLE - never stop making these boxes!!!

naomi hattaway

Naomi Hattaway

I ADORE sending handwritten cards to my friends and loved ones, but often find that I stick too closely to the same boring cards. With this subscription pack, I know that I'll receive an amazingly curated assortment of fresh, unique and interesting cards - each and every time!


Susan Burns

Pretty by Post®’s stationery boxes are a true delight. I can hardly wait until the next one arrives. Each curated item is fun to use and it always feels like a special occasion.


Amanda Kasper

I love PbP! The cards that come each month are so cute, I couldn't have done a better job picking them out myself! And they come directly to my mailbox, which means I'm never without the perfect card to send to a friend. Thanks Danielle!

A picture of Caroline Donahue

Caroline Donahue

The best way to get good mail is to give it & the PbP cards have been such a treat! There's always something fun in the mix that's good for any occasion. I love it to send cute cards to clients, family & friends & there is always something lovely to grab from my delivery on the way to a birthday party. Best subscription ever!



Thanks for creating a product I can trust. $25-$30 is a great price for a birthday gift. And having the convenience of not having to remember to wrap and ship it. No brainer!



PbP is the perfect treat each month. Not only do I ALWAYS have the perfect card on hand for every occasion, Danielle’s superb taste also means I am able to give the BEST cards. Affordable, convenient AND makes me look good… that’s the best kind of subscription!



I recently went to the store & walked through the card aisle to look at card prices & designs. I was shocked to find that a fairly basic card cost $5.95! Even more reason to show my #fierceloyalty to PbP -- Danielle takes the time and work out of card shopping so you don’t have to, and the cards are WAY better quality than what I used to buy at the store for the same price! Thanks PbP!