Subscriber Question: How Do I Use Cards That Are Non-Specific/Open-Ended?


From time to time, I’ll be sharing a fantastic question that I receive from the Pretty by Post® community. You guys rock and I know that if one person asks, there are others with the same question who are too shy to speak up.

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Subscriber Question: How Do I Use Cards That Are Non-Specific or Open-Ended?

Today’s Subscriber Question

How do I use the cards that are non-specific/open-ended? It’s hard for me to think outside the box if the card doesn’t specifically say Happy Birthday or Congrats, etc.

This is a great question! While, we try to include specific event related cards for birthdays, thank you’s, etc., we also want each subscriber to have the opportunity to customize their cards.

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Let’s start off with this card from Farewell Paperie (included in the September Curated Collection – use code ONEYEAR for 50% off any single purchase collection, excluding July):

You're So Gangsta greeting card

We think this one is perfect for a birthday or congrats card.

Since we believe that you can let the card do most of the talking, we would include a short note saying Happy Birthday – hope it’s absolutely fantastic. Then we would include a couple of sentences about a past funny or sentimental shared birthday memory.

For a congratulations, we’d just say: Congrats on the new job, the raise you so deserve, buying a house, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The next card by laLa Grace (included in the November Curated Collection) is another great example:

Your Face I Like It! greeting card

We would send this as a thinking of you/miss you, love, or friendship card.

If you send it as thinking of you or missing you, then you could say that the recipient has been on your mind and that you hope you can catch up soon – whether that’s in person or chatting via phone, Skype, etc..

If you give it to a loved one – a partner, significant other or spouse – then you could tuck the card into their purse, briefcase, bag or a book or magazine they’re reading. You could tape it to the bathroom mirror or tuck it into their dashboard as a surprise. A simple I love you will do.

Or if you send it to a friend, then you can say how much your friendship means to you and why. Include a shared memory or specific story.

Lastly, let’s take a look at this card from Sugar & Type (included in the June Curated Collection):

You Give Me A Lady Boner

We would send this as a congrats/encouragement, love or friendship card.

For a congratulations, we’d do the same as above for the You’re So Gangsta card. If you send it as encouragement, then you can say: It’s true. You’re amazing because…..then fill in the blank for why.

If you’re giving it to someone you love, you could surprise them with the suggestions above for the Your Face card. Also, you could send it via mail as an unexpected surprise or if your loved one is away for an extended time, send it to their hotel.

For a friend, you could include the card with a small gift. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to show your friends you care, check out this post.


We hope that you’ve found these ideas helpful. If you have any questions related to stationery, cards, writing letters, etc., please email me at danielle [at] and you may find your question the subject of a blog post.

We would love if you shared the ways you would use these cards. Please tell us in the comments below.

PS. If you struggle with what to write, check out this post to help make sending cards easy. There’s also a post from the #sendcardsspreadlove challenge with lots of resources on what to write.

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