How to Set Up a Self-Care Bullet Journal

For the past seven years, I’ve followed the tradition of choosing One Little Word® by Ali Edwards. My previous words have been: Momentum, Possibility, Shine, Brave, Commit, Thrive & Open.

My OLW for 2018 is Vitality. I want to feel alive, awake & full of energy. And to create deliberate action.

Which is why today’s guest post from Ameenah is perfect for self-care, habits, intentions & one little words. Along with bullet journals (or bujos for short). Plus, if you’re new to bujos check out Ameenah’s bujo post here.

What is your OLW or your intentions/goals for 2018? Please let me know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to share your self-care bujos with us on IG by tagging @prettybypost and @mariampoppins so we can cheer you on with your self-care.

How to Set Up a Self-Care Bullet Journal.

I am so excited and happy to be able to share my Self-Care Bullet Journal setup with you guys. My name is Ameenah and I am the Co-founder of Mariam Poppins. Sending a big thank you to Danielle for this opportunity!

Self-care is very important to me for many reasons and one of the main reasons is that I want to live a quality life. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and overthinking about this self-care business.

Self-Care is like the new black, right? Everyone is talking about it and trying to walk the talk. I joined in a couple of times but fell off as many times as I joined in. However, I think I figured out how to get going and get consistent with bullet journaling.

My Bullet Journal is my constant companion, my homie, my ace and sista friend! My bujo is going to tell me where I’m succeeding and where I need more TLC at. This year I made it my goal to have a Healthy Habits Checklist that includes my morning routine, a self-care checklist and a reminder sheet for each month.

Self-Care Bullet Journal

Let’s talk about one of my healthy habits I’m trying to establish – my morning routine. It’s important that to kick butt and take names each day, you gotta have a morning routine that’s gonna set the world on fire. If you’re going to bring the fire then you need things that are gonna fan the flames, not put them out.

What fans my flames and gets my day going on a good foot are the following:

  • Prayer/Reflection
  • Affirmations & Gratitude
  • Journaling
  • Exercise & Shower
  • Reading
  • Art

1. Healthy Habits Checklist

These are the things I do early in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up. As a mom of six, it’s important to get that quality time in for my own personal growth and development.

Everything in my morning routine is for myself. I recommend doing these things before you get on Facebook or any type of social media. Nowadays everyone wants to go online, check their messages and scroll through their timeline without even taking care of themselves first thing in the morning. I’m totally guilty of this!

Bullet Journal Healthy Habits Checklist

2. Self-care Checklist

I want to start taking care of myself and take it very seriously. I don’t want to get caught up on what self-care looks like to the world. Instead, what I really want to know is what does Ameenah need? So, I created a checklist for me to use and plan my self-care around. I don’t need a facial or a medi/pedi – and if you’re one of those people who need that then by all means add it! But for me, I need to drink more water. I need to stop eating sugar and gluten. I want to be honest with myself and my checklist reflects just that – me being honest with myself so that I can do better.

Bullet Journal Self-Care Checklist

3. Monthly Reminder

Lastly, is the monthly reminder layout. It’s my way of being my own cheerleader and supporting myself. I wrote some things down that not only builds me up emotionally, but helps me financially as well. Because self-care counts in every area of your life. I truly do believe that your planner/journal should be your support system and a constant reminder of how awesome you can be. My planner is more than just a place where I write down my tasks for each day. My planner reminds me of my potential, my goals and how I need to take care of myself. No matter what planner you use or what system you decide to try out, if it’s not working for you and helping you then you should rethink that planner and the method you’re using.

Bullet Journal Monthly Reminder

My goal for each month is do things that will make me a better person inside and out.

How are you using your planner/bullet journal for self-care?

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Author Bio

Ameenah Samuel is the co-founder of Mariam Poppins. She’s a homemaker, planner nerd and digital artist. Her joy is in helping others while making things in life look pretty. You can catch her on Instagram and Facebook.


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