Send a Card to a Friend Day 2019

Send a Card to a Friend Day 2019

Is there a friend who’s been on your mind or that you keep saying you’ll contact when…you have more time… or… when things slow down or … [insert all the excuses here].

Believe me, I can completely relate.

I’ve been running PbP for 3.5 years now (wow!) & for the past 2 years, I’ve noticed how my personal card sending has dramatically decreased.

I have the same good intentions of sending cards & spreading love, but I also make excuses & procrastinate – I’ll send that person a card tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes & I put it off again because I still have a week until her birthday. Until it’s a day before her birthday & then I say, welllll…I’m already late so what will one more day matter?

And it’s kinda scary to admit this, seeing that my entire business is founded on making deeper connections & sending cards & spreading love. But when you’re running 2 businesses & somehow trying to have a life in between, a lot of things you once loved take a backseat.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know that I’m human (shocking, right? Ha, ha) & that I am NOT a perfect card sending person. And neither are you! And that’s ok.

The point is that even by sending one card a week, every other week, once a month…the amount doesn’t matter. Don’t let procrastination or thoughts of “I’m already late so I’m just not going to send the birthday card,” rule your life.

There is no room for perfectionism, excuses or procrastination when it comes to telling someone you love them.

Because it’s never too late to send a card…

AND EVERYONE wants to be told they are loved


So in celebration of National Send a Card to a Friend Day on February 7th, I challenge YOU to jot 3 – 5 sentences down on one of your favorite cards. Or if that’s too stressful then grab a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you have will do.

Write to one person in your life.

Just ONE person.

It can be as simple as writing ONE sentence that says I’m thinking of you & I miss you.

Seal it. Stamp it. Send it.

Don’t forget to share your cards with me on IG by tagging @prettybypost & make sure to use the hashtags #fierceloyalty and #sendcardsspreadlove so I can find you!

And join our #sendcardsspreadlove FB group, where we hold monthly card sending challenges with prizes!

Lastly, here’s some awesome resources if you need help on what to write:

Share in the comments below who you’re going to send a card to for Send a Card to a Friend Day on February 7th! And please share this post by using the share buttons below so we can spread the #sendcardsspreadlove movement far & wide.

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