The Planner Pop-Up Shop Has Arrived

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to get your 2018 planner and it’s perfect timing because the Planner Pop-Up Shop is here!!!

I look forward to getting my new planner(s) every October or November. It’s an annual ritual that I look forward to every. single. year. Yes, I get multiple planners. I know…they say that you’re more productive and efficient if you just have one planner for everything, but I actually find that I work better by compartmentalizing/separating my two businesses.

This is my planner setup:

  • I have one planner for PbP.
  • I have a separate planner for my project management clients, that I use for personal stuff too. For 2018 it’ll be the gorgeous planner from J.Lynn Designery offered below (and the past 3 years I’ve used the Day Designer).
  • Then the third planner I use to focus on my core desires from Danielle LaPorte.

These are in addition to my new practice of bujo spreads, but those are used for tracking habits and incorporating more self-care only. My bujo may evolve or develop into more, but at this point I’m enjoying a minimalistic approach, especially since I’m a newbie.

I hope you find the perfect planner below and each one comes with a little extra gift. BUT only if you order by the 29th! There are different sizes, options and spreads available, along with a variety of styles. I can’t wait to see which one you choose.

The Planner Pop-Up Shop Has Arrived

For all you planner babes, we have 5 awesome planners – 3 of which were picked out by our FB group members, who by the way, have impeccable taste.

Read about the 5 planners below, purchase your own or see lots more details at the pop-up shop page (it’s going to be hard to choose.)

Planner Pop-Up Shop

J.Lynn Designery: 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner

J.Lynn Designery: 2018 Refresh Weekly PlannerThis is the planner I’ll be using for 2018 and this was before I was lucky enough to correspond with and then meet the owner, Jenna Murillo. Spoiler: she’s as lovely as I had hoped.

I’ve got a thing for all botanical / palm leaf designs and Jenna’s Refresh Weekly Planner is absolutely gorgeous. I’m also smitten with the quarterly goal-setting feature, built in notebook and weekly “focusing on” and “grateful for” spaces. Insert all the heart-eyed emojis.

*Image courtesy of J.Lynn Designery


Elise Blaha Cripe: GET TO WORK BOOK®

Elise Blaha Cripe: GET TO WORK BOOK®

I’ve been a big fan of Elise’s way back when she was blogging about scrapbooking, crafting & being a small biz owner. I’ve enjoyed watching her evolution as a blogger/business owner to launching the GET TO WORK BOOK® & other planner accessories & project planning tools.

I’ve used the GTWB myself & it’s perfect for daily planning BUT also serves as a goal setting workbook & project planner. As Elise says, While (sadly), it can’t do your work for you, every inch of it was thoughtfully designed to help you get to work.”

*Image courtesy of Get to Work Book.


Thimblepress: The Day Dreamer

Thimblepress: The Day Dreamer™

The Day Dreamer™ was included in our March Stationery Box and was a huge hit with our subscribers, so I knew I had to include it here. I don’t use mine as a traditional planner, but rather to keep track of notes, lists, to-dos, etc. Even if you have a dedicated planner (or two, cuz who uses just one planner?), this can be used as a journal or notebook. And the art prints are so much fun.

*Image courtesy of Thimblepress.


Sugar Paper: 2018 Spiral Agenda, Pink Imperfect Dot

Sugar Paper: 2018 Spiral Agenda, Pink Imperfect Dot

Some of you may know my absolute love for Sugar Paper everything. 99% of the September Stationery Box was filled with all the SP things. And for the past 2 years, I used their Target collaboration planners for PbP. This year, I found out they weren’t working with Target again, so I cried for a few minutes (LOL!) and then did a happy dance when I decided to offer the pop-up shop so I could include them here. And all’s right with the balance of my planner world again.

The Pink Imperfect Dot includes monthly grids, weekly overviews, note pages and a catch-all pocket with a flat lay spiral binding.

*Image courtesy of Sugar Paper.


Rifle Paper: 2018 Lively Floral 17 Month Planner

Rifle Paper: 2018 Lively Floral 17 Month Planner

The last planner to be offered is this beautiful birch floral covered planner. The FB group had a tie vote on this and another planner, but one of the members graciously changed her vote, so lively floral it is. The colors are so vibrant and the gold foil date stamp adds a nice touch. You know how I love a good foil accent. This is a 17 month planner and includes details like metallic gold accents, pocket folder with ruler and inspirational quotes.

*Image courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.


So which planner(s) is your favorite? Or let me know what planner(s) you’re using for 2018.

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