National Card & Letter Writing Challenge


April is (are you ready for this?) National Card & Letter Writing Month! Which for us stationery and card nerds is Pretty. Big. News.

In celebration, I’ll be holding a weekly challenge during April called #sendcardsspreadlove where I’m straight up challenging you to send at least four cards – that’s one per week – totally do-able, right?

National Card & Letter Writing Challenge

There will be guest posts galore for inspiration, letter writing resources and tips, plus weekly challenges and prizes. It’s going to be oodles of fun and I hope you’ll join us. Festivities begin Monday, April 4th. Don’t miss out – make sure you sign up here to receive all the goodies to participate. 

So this month, in preparation for April, I’m brushing up on my letter writing skills and sending out cards now to get everyone in the #snailmail spirit.

T.Hanks greeting card

The first card I’m sending is a thank you to a friend. It’s also one of the six cards included in The Best of Curated Collection (LIMITED EDITION and LIMITED QUANTITIES) to coincide with #sendcardsspreadlove challenge. It’s the ultimate best of collection (ooh la la!) as determined by YOU, the subscribers and PbP community (more details here). PRE-ORDER NOW and for FREE shipping USE CODE BESTOF.

T.Hanks greeting card (inside)

The note says:

Thank you for being my friend – going on 28 years now – what?!
 Ever since Jamie T’s sleepover where we brokered peace (U.N. peacemakers couldn’t have handled that mess) you officially became my BFF. 
Thank you for being YOU. 
A trip to the ER, the AMES “incident”, sneaking out and getting caught, Martins, Twin Peaks & Speed Racer, spilled chocolate milk… 
2086 miles apart for 5 years.
681 miles apart for 15 years.
And maybe 3554 & an ocean in the near future – did someone say kilts?
Distance aint’ no thang.
Thank you for being in my life.
I can’t say it enough.
So, I’ll let Mr. Hanks be your reminder.
Love you always.


So, whether you’re joining me for the National Card & Letter Writing Month challenge #sendcardsspreadlove, or you just have to have the ultimate best of collection, here’s to #snailmail forever.

Psst…also a little birdie told me there’s a pretty sweet holiday sale going on for the December 2015 and January 2016 single collections. It’s Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / Festivus / insert your preferred holiday here, in March! Use code HOLIDAYINMAR (expires on March 13th, 2016 at midnight EST).

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