Make New Friends but Keep the Old


This time of year brings change and transition. People move, have children, get married or divorced, start new businesses, etc., and life gets busy. In all these differing situations, we may make a new acquaintance or get closer with someone we didn’t know very well.

These new interactions and friendships are fun and important. Expanding our communities and circles of support is incredibly valuable. But unlike organizing our closets, when we add a new friend to our collection we shouldn’t discard an older vintage couture classic. As the childhood saying goes, while new friends can shine like silver, it’s our oldest pals who are worth their weight in gold.


After all, even the gal pals from Friends stick together for life. Courtney Cox was maid-of-honor in Jennifer Aniston’s recent wedding to Justin Theroux, and Lisa Kudrow was one of the only 75 guests in attendance.

Oprah and Gayle King have been the closest of comrades in business and life since 1976. Even as Oprah adds more VIPs to her life, Gayle remained a critical part of her business empire – for decades serving as a contributing editor to O Magazine amongst other roles before joining CBS full-time. Nearly four decades of friendship without a hitch? That’s some #fierceloyalty.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are arguably two of the funniest women in comedy right now. They met in an improv class in the early 90s and have supported one another in their careers ever since. Through the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, SNL, popular TV shows, writing books, & hosting the Golden Globes together, they’ve supported and encouraged one another. That’s quite impressive.

We know life is busy and staying in touch can be tough stuff, but here are some of our favorite ways to remind our beloved besties how much we care.

Shower them with surprises. We never get caught without classy note cards on hand and rely on the “Hello, Darling” stationery set from Kate Spade. Crisp and classy, we send on its own or paired with some healthy but delicious treats. Try the Cinnamon Vanilla blend of Decadent Energy nuggets by Brooklyn’s BijaBhar or Wei of Chocolate. [Tweet “You don’t have to break the bank to send a love note. @prettybypostluv #Fierceloyalty “]

Timely texts. You’re driving along and suddenly have a flashback of that time you cut Geometry class to peruse the racks of the Gap or that favorite girls’ weekend away when and laughed so hard your cheeks hurt for days afterwards. Use that memory as motivation to drop your friend a quick hello. Who cares if months or years have passed? Who doesn’t get warm and fuzzy knowing someone is thinking of them and sending love their way? [Tweet “True friendship surpasses time and space. @prettybypostluv #fierceloyalty “]

Send a beautiful bouquet. My girlfriends and I have an unwritten rule. When one of us goes through a tough time or has a landmark event — promotion, birthday or new baby — we combine finances and send a bouquet. It takes all of 5 minutes to organize and is usually under $10 a piece depending on our selection du jour. We know we’ll make her feel like a million bucks and inevitably we do, too. Roses are not just for romance.

Etiquette with elegance. To really stay on your A-game and amp up your organization, buy yourself or your BFFs a subscription to our very own Pretty By Post. You’ll have a cadre of fabulous one-of-a-kind cards at the ready to impress and inspire those you love. Nothing better than double benefits for both the sender and the recipient of a beautifully crafted card to feel appreciated.

We’d love to hear your tips for staying in touch and showing your #fierceloyalty. Let’s encourage one another to keep in touch.

There’s still time to enter to win the November curated collection here.

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