I Want to Feature Your Stories of Connection

. I Want to Feature Your Stories of Connection


I Want to Feature Your Stories of Connection

What was the best thing about college for you?

For me it was moving 2000 miles away from home. From a little town in Vermont to a little town nestled away in the heart of the Rockies.

Getting to start over in a place I’d never been to before (nope, I didn’t do any college visits & this was my only choice, so thank goodness I was accepted), was just the adventure my somewhat sheltered heart yearned for.

And like my friend Reese, who you’ll meet below in just a sec, once there I relied on the cards & letters my parents & life-long friends sent when I’d start to miss home. 

This is the power of a handwritten card 

To keep us connected & to provide physical tangible mementos that bring us back to specific loved ones, places, memories or feelings. 

And I want to share your stories of connection & feature you! 

Read my friend Reese’s story below about her college experience & life-long friendship. 

Then if you want to be featured here on the blog (& in my newsletter & social media) email me at info[at]prettybypost[.com] to share your story, so together we can celebrate our relationships, help create more authentic connections & spread more joy & happiness in the world.  

Reese’s Story

Reese Spykerman

This was the best thing about college—besides the all-you-can-eat Froot Loops in the cafeteria…

Getting mail. 

Most of my high school friends stayed in Michigan after college, but I had wanderlust at an early age. I crossed a few state lines to go 700 miles away to the University of Missouri.

A total stranger at a school where most other kids had some kind of connection to each other, I lived for the letters sent by my mom and my friend Cee. 

Sarah—who I’d nicknamed Cee—wrote the best cards filled with quotes, updates about her dating escapades, and with gossip about people we knew from high school. 

When I was depressed and homesick, I could count on Sarah’s handwriting to make me feel a little bit warm again. And 20-some years later, I wish I’d kept more of her cards. Because to this day, she’s still the friend who knows me better than anyone else.

Every few years we see each other again, and in true midwest fashion, meet somewhere like Culvers or the local Mexican restaurant that’s been in our lives since we were kids. 

We hug, sit down, and literally pick right up where we last left off, like no time had passed. Like we were 17 all over again, but with a little more wisdom than we had back in high school.

Her cards take me back to when Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill was the most eventful thing in our teenaged lives. And I can’t help but wonder…if we were in college now, would we still send each other handwritten cards?

Here’s to sending cards & spreading love,


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