Happy Mail Snail Mail Card Shower

Happy Friday Friends. Today, we have a fantastic guest post from Cathy McGuire about putting together a Happy Mail Card Shower.

It may be too late to do this for Mother’s Day (and if you’re still in need of a card, we’ve got you covered with our Mother’s Day card roundup), but consider this for Father’s Day or for any week of the year like Cathy did. This card shower doesn’t require any special occasion – it’s all about sending cards and spreading love.

Happy Mail Snail Mail Card ShowerCathy and I first met during the 2016 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge. And I am proud to say that I’ve been the lucky recipient of one of her handmade cards AND it was incredible.

After reading her comment on the Day 17 post during this year’s challenge, I immediately emailed asking if she’d write a guest post for us on the Happy Mail Snail Mail Card Shower for her Dad. I thought it could be the perfect post for a Father’s Day idea for everyone, or as I mentioned above, an idea to steal for anyone anytime. Let us know in the comments below who you’re going to throw your Snail Mail Shower for.

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Happy Mail Snail Mail Card Shower Guest Post by Cathy McGuire

How To Throw A Snail Mail Card Shower

This past January I wanted to do something special for my dad to bring some happiness to him in the midst of the doldrums of winter. I decided to make use of my hobby of card making, along with the joy of receiving a card through the mail.

Since I was young I have enjoyed getting cards in the mail. I was always excited to receive cards, postcards, letters, pictures, notes, etc. There is something special about receiving an envelope that is hand-addressed to you. To this day, I want to be the one that gets the mail. My husband and I call “dibs” on getting the daily mail, but I always win no matter who called “dibs” first. My love of card making started years ago when I started making my own cards so I could write the sentiment inside. What I most enjoyed was designing and creating the cards themselves.

I wanted to do something special for my dad and also involve our family. I come from a large family but most of my siblings, including myself, live in different states than my dad. Sending cards to my dad would be a great way to get everyone involved, without having them be there in person. This is where the Happy Mail Snail Mail Card Shower idea was created.

Happy Mail Snail Mail Card Shower

I made a list of people to be included in this Card Shower … brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. I sent them an email explaining the Card Shower and asked them to send happy cards, humorous cards, letters, or pictures during a designated week. They were told that my dad was not sick or celebrating a special occasion, so to please not send “Get Well” or “Thinking of You” cards. This was just a happiness endeavor.

I requested they send their snail mail in the designated week. And I sent them the email two weeks ahead of the designated week, so they would have plenty of time to put together and send whatever they wanted to send.

The results were amazing. Every day of the designated week my dad received a lot of happy mail. Some folks mailed him a card every day for a week, some wrote him a letter, and some sent pictures. My dad was thrilled! For that week, his favorite part of the day was collecting the mail and reading it. One of my sisters lives in the same town as my dad. She visited him and took a photo of him surrounded by all the cards and letters he received.

Happy Recipient Of A Snail Mail Card Shower

I am a big fan of email, blogs, and Instagram. But nothing compares to a trip to the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope with your name on it; especially when it was sent for no other reason than to make your day happy.


PS. Here’s a Birthday Tradition you’ll want to steal.

Author Bio

Cathy McGuire BioCathy McGuire is passionate about card making. Actually, crazy about any craft, but her love is card making. She will go anywhere to spend time with crafty friends; creating, talking, laughing, and eating. Cathy belongs to three card making clubs. Two of the clubs meet in person but the third is unique and is called the Happy Mail Card Club. Four of the five members see each other often (the fifth lives out of town), but mail each other cards every month. Cathy also enjoys taking classes, cooking, water coloring, canvas painting and later this month she’s going to try crocheting. She’s married to Ryan, her high school sweetheart – they love to travel and are both foodies.

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  1. Cathy what a great post and so true I am a chemo and senior card angel and it never surprises me how such a small gesture can mean the world to people.

  2. What a wonderful post, Cathy! I think cards are an underestimated power of caring! Your idea of a card shower is a perfect way to perk up someone and show them how much they are loved. Bravo for sharing this!!

  3. What a lovely idea, Cathy – thanks for sharing! It would be a delightful way to make someone feel cared for and supported, which is one of the best gifts of all.

  4. This is probably one of the cutest things/ideas I’ve ever read! At first I really thought it meant a type of letter writing party LOL!

    My dad isn’t a huge letter person so I won’t be doing this for him, but I do have ideas for ways to incorporate this sort of idea!!!

    -My moms birthday is in July (it’s actually on Canada’s Day and I”m trying to come up with cool ideas because it’s Canada 150th birthday!)
    -I would love to do this for my friends birthday in august because he isn’t a fan of birthdays, but i love him and want to change his views on birthdays because he’s my best friend (i may do this similar to what i did for my mom, a photo with a letter for each day leading to his birthday)
    -I”m actually hosting a graduation party and I think one thing I want to do is write a letter to each guest thanking them for being one of my peeps surviving undergrad life! As well, I”m hoping to have a table to share memories, an advice jar for life after graduation, and I’m trying to think of other ideas too for the party!

    I really loved reading how much you enjoy getting the mail, I definitely relate now more than ever knowing something sweet may be coming my way that ISN’T just a bill!

    That photo is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
    I loved that this post came from when you posted on a previous prompt!

    & I really liked reading the Birthday Tradition post at the end!! (a friend of mine did something like this a few years ago where he invited all of his friends for his birthday but refused to celebrate a birthday. he was celebrating the people he loved and gave us little mini cards saying thank you that i still have to this day!) I actually think I want to adopt this tradition for my birthday next year (I now have plenty of time to make my cards now!)

    • Brittany, I love all the ideas you’ve come up with & we really appreciate you taking the time to read this post (and the Birthday post too). Your support means so much to me. Thank you! xo

      • You’re most very welcome! I really enjoy having these posts to read! The one thing I wish I did more was reply when I read because I have the tendency to forget so I’m hoping I can go back and do that! 🙂 Thank you for the dedication you put into each post and creating so many amazing things for your followers! xo

    • Brittany, I love your enthusiasm, you little firecracker! Those are all terrific ideas, and your circle of friends and loved ones will surely feel blessed and appreciated. Awesome!

      • Thank you so much!! That’s so sweet of you to say! I have to thank you for inspiring the ideas, so thank you so much for giving this firecracker a spark to start!!! xo

  5. I’ve been sponsering card parties via snail mail for over 25 years. I live in the north and my mother was living in the south. I couldt get to her for her 75th birthday. So, well enough in advance, I started sending her a card a day with a one dollar bill enclosed, for until she had a total of 75 cards. She was so elated. She loved reading the cards and made a wall mount of the cards. I’ve used this several times with family and friends who have had milestone birthdays.


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