Get Your Paper Fix: Stationery Boxes Are Here!


I’m a self-proclaimed paper junkie and I’ve always had a slight obsession with paper products – notebooks, notepads, planners, journals, stationery, greeting cards, you name it.

When I was little, I used to collect my parent’s junk mail, carefully unfolding and keeping the missives, in stacks of paper glory. As I got older, I would save my allowance and go to the grocery store to stock up on paper supplies. This later evolved to hoarding paper products of all sorts and being known as the gal with the best office supplies during college and work. Is there an award for that? There should totally be an award for that!

Get Your Paper Fix: Stationery Boxes Are Here!

My unwavering dedication to paper products still persists today. Ask me to go shopping and I will make an immediate beeline for the office supply aisles or crafting/paper stores, no question.

Because of this addiction, it only makes sense that the next phase of PbP would include a Stationery Box to continue in the One Year Anniversary festivities! Wheee!

Stationery Boxes

This is a carefully curated paper lover’s dream – a fabulous selection of notebooks, journals, stationery, notepads, note cards, office supplies, etc., sent out QUARTERLY so you can get your paper fix. There are a limited number of subscriptions available so PRE-ORDER yours now the first box will be sent out September 1st. Just like getting school supplies back in the day, but better!

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Also, make sure to get on the list to be FIRST to know when new spots open up and to receive first dibs, sneak peeks and subscriber only coupons. In celebration, there is a coupon for FREE shipping for the entirety of your subscription when you sign up for our stationery newsletter. BUT HURRY, it expires soon.

This first collection is geared towards #bossbabes and includes all the loveliness below from: Grey Moggie, laLa Grace, The Good Twin and The Social Type.

PbP Stationery Box

Stationery Box

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That “Bossy” pin is to die for. If you’re not into flair, feel free to pin it to a bulletin board or put it in a decorative dish on your desk. Proudly display it somehow and somewhere if it’s not going on your acid washed denim jacket circa 1980.

So now you know that I’ve always been a paper junkie. How about you? Do you have memories of when your love of paper was sparked?

P.S. Did you see we unveiled the last two of our new Themed Collections this past weekend? Check out the Life Events & Love Curated Collections here and A Birthday Tradition You’ll Want to Steal.

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