February 2016 Curated Collection & a Giveaway

I know that the month of February brings up all sorts of emotions (yes, I’m pointing at you Valentine’s Day!) both good and not so good. So that’s why I made sure that this month’s February 2016 curated collection is all about expressing different kinds of love – both romantic and non-romantic. It honors the love we have for our friends and family, and if you happen to be in a relationship/partnership we’ve got you covered there, too!

February 2016 Curated Collection & a Giveaway

Valentine’s Day has an incredibly special meaning for me, as it is the day I was adopted and brought to the U.S. from Seoul, South Korea. So my parents and I celebrate A-Day (Adoption Day) instead of V-Day, and it is a day filled with tons of love and gratitude.

You may not be adopted, but I hope that you are inspired to let the people you care about know it.

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February 2016 Curated Collection

This card by Hairpin Letterpress is hand printed on a vintage press using 100% recycled cotton and is biodegradable. This is a card Mother Earth could get behind, plus it’s really cute.

I'm a big fan of you greeting card

Six perfect words. This sentiment from Near Modern Disaster captures love at its core.

I'm so glad that you exist greeting card

Don’t let this simple gold heart card by Parrott Design Studio fool you. There really is no need for words to express love.

Gold heart greeting card

Lastly, the husband and wife duo behind Print Smitten have provided a lovely card for any person and any occasion.

You made my life special by being a part of it

Which card(s) is your favorite? I love comments almost as much as I love snail mail, so please do share below!

It’s time to celebrate with our monthly giveaway! Go here to enter to win this month’s love-filled curated collection. And if you’re a current subscriber and you win, don’t fret, you can either choose to gift your prize to another lucky individual (talk about major friendship points) or you can have an extra month on us.

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