Dump Those Limiting Beliefs And Embrace Your Creativity

 Dump Those Limiting Beliefs And Embrace Your Creativity

A creative needs to embrace their creativity and believe in themselves to be successful which is easier said than done.

We all have our moments of doubt, of course.

But, when these become a limiting belief that we tell ourselves over and over as truth, we can stifle our growth.

I stopped making art for a long time because I didn’t believe in myself.

Instead, I had let others define creativity for me. Some of these others I knew intimately. Some were broad and abstract like history, society, and social media.

I believed that because I couldn’t make technically flawless drawings, I wasn’t allowed to be creative.

And that my natural creative curiosities – what my gut was telling me to make and explore – were wrong. That I wasn’t an artist.

Creativity is a fragile thing. One critique, off-hand comment, or negative facial expression can shut it down.

The thing is, your definition of creativity, or art, doesn’t need anyone else’s approval. Creativity is the complete freedom to create, explore, and interpret.

Now, think about whether you have any limiting beliefs that hold you back creatively.

Then move past these by doing a gut check.

    1. Examine what you think might be a limiting belief and where it originated.
    2. Then decide if it’s true or something you’ve just been telling yourself. Chances are it’s the latter.

Believe in yourself, and don’t let anyone else define creativity for you. You’re an original.

Here’s an exercise to stretch your creativity & practice some self-love.


The Art of Writing a Love Letter to Yourself

The Art of Writing a Love Letter to Yourself:
The benefits and joys of writing a love letter to this often neglected person in your life

Have you ever written a love letter to yourself? Does the idea sound weird, flaky, or too New Age? Here’s the thing: we humans are often our own harshest critics (review the part on limiting beliefs above).

A love letter is a beautiful way to remind yourself of all of the good stuff. The things that make you amazing. And what you kick butt at.

Here are just a few ideas you can write about:

      • What a sensational person you are
      • All of the things you’ve accomplished or have been through
      • What you appreciate most about yourself
      • Thank yourself for showing up, for being there, and for years of loyal friendship

The love letter isn’t even something you have to send…but how cool would it be to mail the letter next time you’re on a faraway trip and have it show up in your mailbox weeks or months later?

Pretty by Post has so many sensational cards that are perfect for this! Whether it’s a Thank You card, a Thinking of You card or something else, Danielle’s curated collection has something for you to pen sweet nothings to the love of your life: yourself!

Gina Clark is an artist, writer, and certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. The philosophy behind Kaizen-Muse is to use small steps, mindfulness, and intuition to gradually build creative momentum without overwhelm. Gina is the founder of Gina Clark Creative, an online community that provides creative resources and coaching for people looking to ignite their creativity. Gina especially loves to help left-brained creatives and analytic artists just like her and believes that embracing your creativity is the ultimate act of self-care. Get her FREE guide 5 Simple Steps to Unlocking Your Creativity at ginaclarkcreative.com.

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  1. Great post! I have periodically written letters to myself as part of my memory keeping projects, but I really like the idea of making it a love letter and seeing how that opens up my creativity. Definitely going to give it a shot this week!

    • Oh that’s great to hear Emily. I also have written letters to myself as part of my memory keeping projects; the most recent being for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class. What kind of memory keeping do you do?

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