December 2017 Stationery Box Reveal

The December 2017 Stationery Box is here!

AND I have super exciting news to share: there are two exclusive PbP notepads in this box. It’s been a long-time coming dream of mine to offer my own paper products and I can’t wait for you to get them. Squeee!

The Stationery Box is a carefully curated paper lover’s dream – a fabulous selection of notebooks, journals, stationery, notepads, note cards, office supplies, etc., sent out QUARTERLY so you can get your paper fix – easily and affordably.

UPDATE: The December box is now SOLD OUT!

Each quarter, I try to order enough to make single collections available for purchase, but they have been going quickly! If you end up missing out on this month’s box, I would suggest you make sure to get on the list to be FIRST to know when new spots open up and to receive first dibs, sneak peeks and subscriber-only coupons.

December 2017 Stationery Box Reveal.


The December collection includes 6 awesome notepads in a variety of styles, to help make your organization game strong and to get you organized and ready for 2018! Continue reading to see what the box includes …

December 2017 Stationery Box Reveal

Pretty by Post Exclusive notepads

I’m so excited to be offering two PbP exclusive notepads that I created with the help of my friend and talented designer, Jenna Murillo (check out her gorgeous Refresh Botanical planner in the Planner Pop-Up Shop – there’s just a few left!)

The first is a Thank You Card List notepad to keep track of all those gifts, kind deeds, etc. that need an acknowledgement. And if you’re in need of thank you cards, we have you covered with our special themed collection.

Pretty by Post® Thank You Card Notepad

The second is a Gift List notepad, to keep track of all the presents you have to get for every. single. person. you. know. To help lessen your gift overwhelm, start by ordering from our gift guides for the paper obsessed here and for guys and children here. Then get your shopping list organized with our notepad. #doublewin

Pretty by Post® Gift List Notepad

Dahlia Press Make It Work Notepad

This notepad keeps your daily priorities and notes front and center, along with space to add in your next day’s top tasks (no longer available on their site at this time).

Dahlia Press Notepad

Get to Work Book® Project Breakdown Notepad

I’m a big fan of Elise Blaha Cripe and her Get to Work Book® line (her awesome GTWB is available in our Planner Pop-Up Shop).

Her planner accessories and project planning tools are a great way to get organized. Since I’ve used her GTWB in the past, I was super excited to see the project breakdown page available as a notepad.

Get to Work Book

Rifle Paper Company Everyday Desktop Notepad

Talk about #deskgoals. This Rifle Paper Co. notepad is a colorful and beautiful way to keep your to do’s organized. This notepad is just too pretty to keep in a drawer. I have mine on my desk within easy reach so I can jot down all my tasks.

Rifle Paper Co To Do Notepad

Sugar Paper Little Note Mini Notepad

Gold. Foil. Notepads. Need I say more? And Sugar Paper never disappoints. Their mini notepad is the perfect size to pop in your purse, bag, planner or pouch (like the pouch we included in our September Stationery Box).

Sugar Paper mini notepad


Which notepad is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hooray for the December box!!!! It’s abolsutely BE-YOU-TEE-FUL!!!

    I’m so happy you asked the question of how are we getting organized for 2018 and I have to be so honest with myself, with my craziness of overworking, life events going on, college strike and just so much that seems to be happening in the swing of things I really lost myself with my journaling, using my agenda and my organizational side of myself.

    After my classes end for the semester on Dec.23rd (I feel totally justified and accountable when I say specific dates), I want to take a day to myself to prepare. TO get ready and organize my agenda when I find it again, to choose the colorful pens I have for each class and to document all my assignments, tasks and things I want to be getting done!

    I think that with my constant decluttering, I just need to sit and breathe again and ask myself, what is important that I need to get done, sit down and actually carve time to do it instead of saying, “oh, I’ll do that tomorrow”.

    I LOVE the name of “make it work” and “get to work”, I feel those would totally be my new mantras!! I adore the look of the little note, it’s subtle and gorgeous! I was so shocked when I say Rifle Paper & Co.! In my design class we had to pick a brand and work around it and that was the brand I chose!!

    • I understand feeling overwhelmed & being pulled into many different directions Brittany. I hope that you do find the time to just sit & breathe first & foremost & then get organized. Sometimes, what helps me is to say I’m just going to do X for 15 mins & set a timer. And then if I don’t want to continue after 15 mins (or whatever time you choose) then I stop but I know that I tried it. However, most of the time, I keep going & am so glad I did. Thanks so much for your support & for reading & commenting. Here’s the the 23rd & finding some down time to recharge & relax. xoxo


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