Day 24 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Welcome to Day 24 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge for National Card & Letter Writing Month!

If you’re just joining us, you can get the week 4 challenge details here, a guest post on love, kindness and making the world a better place, and a recap of the first 3 weeks. There’s some good stuff, so make sure you go back to read the other posts.

AND don’t forget to join us in the Facebook group to meet fellow card/letter writing enthusiasts, share your challenge entries and for future fun stuff. I’ve got plans for this group…

Day 24 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge


Day 24 Of The 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Today, we are joined by my friend, and super talented photographer, Nancy Gaines. Though I wish I could take credit for all the gorgeously curated collection photos, they are Nancy’s handiwork. She’s a multi-faceted artist and I’ve asked her to share tips for prettying up envelopes. Perfect for those of you who make your own cards and are looking for some ideas, but also easy enough for those of you who just want to add a little something-something to make your envelopes pop.

And while you’re at it, check out some of the community’s fave images from Nancy here and here. As always, I love to see your cards and can’t wait to see what you come up with after this.

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 challenge guest post by Nancy Gaines

Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

Hello and thank you, Danielle, for inviting me to be a guest writer for your blog. My post will be about jazzing up your envelopes a bit!

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

I’ve provided five designs that are pretty simple for beginners, and cute enough so that you will want to try more than one!

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

The above envelope is sooooo simple! It’s simply two 4″ x 6″ Project Life® cards washi taped together! Seriously, that’s it! Just don’t forget to put your note in before you seal the last edge.

I was thinking it might be pretty cute to put maybe half a dozen of the smaller 2″ x 3″ Project Life® cards, some photos and some confetti in the envelope. Imagine the recipient’s delight upon opening up that pretty little envelope! ❤

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

This colorful envelope is made by folding a piece of paper in half and gluing, taping or sewing the two side edges. Use a paper punch or even the bottom of a cup as a template, and make a half circle notch. Slide your letter inside and tie it up with a piece of string or fancy lace! ❤

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes


#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

This envelope is very economical. I’ve recycled a grocery bag by cutting it to the size I wanted. I stitched the “to” and ‘from” boxes on my envelope first, added my letter and then stitched the edges closed. Easy peasy!

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes


#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

This idea turned out so pretty! Using an envelope I already had, I just traced and cut, using a map page from a vintage atlas I had. You could use any type of your favorite paper.

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

This last envelope is actually one that Danielle made for this subscriber question post, about how to address dark envelopes. Again, I used a vintage map, cut to the size I needed and slipped it right in!! VIOLA! 😉

#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 Challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes

I sure hope you found a little inspiration with these fun and easy envelopes! ❤



#sendcardsspreadlove 2017 challenge: Five Easy & Fun DIY Envelopes


Author Bio

Nancy Gaines is a photo stylist and storyteller, as well as a passionate food photographer. She loves all things paper, crafty and colorful. Her creative, seemingly bionic eye for cute has her shooting a magazine cover for SISTERS magazine and designing, making and shooting a children’s book with author Elizabeth Lymer. Nancy is a wife, mother and grandma who lives in Portland, Oregon. She’ll soon be launching an adventurous online biz with her daughter, Aisha. Keep an eye out for that at She owns Yourdori Girl Photography and offers an beautiful, affordable, styled stock subscription library. You can also find her on Instagram here



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  1. Another good blog post for the Send Cards Spread Love Challenge month. Making an envelope from project life cards is so smart! I will try that one along with the others.

  2. I still come back to these ideas because they are so gorgeous and ingenious!

    You’d never realize sometimes how easy it can be to use practical things to have such a beautiful outcome! I’m 100% in love with all of them! I’m definitely going to try to up my envelope game soon! xo


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