Day 17 Of The 2018 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Welcome to Day 17 of the #sendcardsspreadlove challenge for for National Card & Letter Writing Month!! Today’s guest post is from our wonderful regular contributor Nancy Gaines & on Friday, we have a second BONUS challenge along with Sara McNally of Constellation & Co., who shares a training regimen to help aspiring snail mail superstars sail over the obstacles of sending cards.

Day 17 of the 2018 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

How To Participate In The Challenge

If you’re just joining us, you can get all the important details here. Make sure you sign up to receive all the info & special bonus content that won’t be shared on the blog and/or join us in the Facebook Group.

For those of you just joining us: welcome to the party & it’s not too late to participate! I’m asking you to send 4 cards out into the world this month, based on the 4 weekly prompts provided, plus a few bonus challenges. Which means there’s still 3 more opportunities to send cards & win prizes! If you’ve missed any of the previous posts there is an entire recap here.

Day 17 Of The 2018 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Week 3 Challenge: Support & Encouragement

The challenge this week is to send a support or encouragement card. You can get the week 3 challenge details + tips here. To be eligible to win a support/encouragement card collection share your card and/or note with the week 3 challenge & tag me on IG @prettybypost or in the FB group along with the #sendcardsspreadlove hashtag by April 23 at midnight EST. AND you still have until 4/20 by midnight EST to enter to win the BONUS challenge. (Bonus challenge details here)

Today, our wonderful regular monthly contributor Nancy is back with gorgeous snail mail graphics for your use & some inspiration to send cards & spread love. If you’re new here be sure to check out Nancy’s other fun DIYS here, here, here, here, here, here or here.

Happiness Is a Letter in Your Mailbox

Happiness Is a Letter in Your Mailbox

There’s not going to be a crafty DIY for this post or a whole lot of chit chat! You know what you need to do. How many letters have you written so far for the #sendcardsspreadlove challenge?

#sendcardsspreadlove challenge

What about me??? A big fat zero! So this post is a reminder for me first and a little nudge to you second. 😉💕

Snail Mail

As a thank you for not leaving scathing remarks in the comment section (not that you ever would), I made you three, sweet snail mail graphics! Yay! ❤

They are yours to do with as you please. You can use them on your own blog or social media platform or even print and frame them . . . maybe send as a gift to that special snail mail recipient?!

So go find a cozy spot, grab your tea and get inspired to write a lovely, long awaited missive.  And patiently await the love that will find its way back to you, tenfold.

Snail Mail Graphic 1

Snail Mail Graphic 3

Snail Mail Graphic 2




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Author Bio

Nancy Gaines is a photo stylist and storyteller, as well as a passionate food photographer. She loves all things paper, crafty and colorful. Her creative, seemingly bionic eye for cute has her shooting a magazine cover for SISTERS magazine and designing, making and shooting a children’s book with author Elizabeth Lymer. Nancy is a wife, mother and grandma who lives in Portland, Oregon. She launched an adventurous online biz with her daughter, Aisha at You can also find her on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.

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