Day 15 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

It’s Week 3 and Day 15 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge – we’re already halfway through!

As a reminder, or if you’re just joining us now, I’m asking you to send 4 cards out into the world this month based on the 4 weekly challenge prompts. The intention behind this challenge is for you to connect with the ones you love in a fun way, while bringing back the joy and beauty of real communication…that still fits into your fast-paced lifestyle.

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Here’s a brief recap of Week 1:

Here’s a brief recap of Week 2:

Day 15 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge

Day 15 Of The 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Week 3 Challenge: Love & Kindness

The challenge this week is to spread love and kindness. The first thing that might pop up in your mind is to send this to your friends or family. And yes, we should always express our appreciation to our loved ones, but I would encourage you to try moving out of your comfort zone. For ideas, you can refer back to the BIG LIST of reasons to send cards, especially #17 – #23.

The prize is a collection of love cards! To be eligible, share your week 3 challenge card and/or letter on IG (remember to follow us), or in the Facebook group. Be sure to enter, tag @prettybypost and use the #sendcardsspreadlove hashtag by April 24th at 11:59 pm EST. All winners will be announced on May 5th via the newsletter, on IG and in the Facebook group, so make sure you’re connected in one of those ways.

Today’s post is from one of our very own Pretty by Post® community members Caroline Donahue. In addition to a shared love of stationery, we both love to read. If you’re a fellow book lover, then you should definitely check out Caroline’s podcast.

Below, Caroline gives us a fresh perspective on what writing letters could lead to. Any writers or would-be writers will definitely want to take note, but this idea could inspire all sorts of projects. In the comments below, share what project you’re going to start with us.


#sendcardsspreadlove challenge guest post by Caroline Donahue

One Letter At A Time

Recently, on a trip to New York City, I found myself in one of my favorite spots: The Morgan Library. For those of you who have never been, it’s a museum that was once the private collection of Pierpont Morgan. It’s not a huge museum, but the number and quality of books is truly staggering. That one person was able to amass multiple Gutenberg Bible’s, when no other museum anywhere on earth has more than one, gives you an idea of the scope we’re talking about here.

There is a display case in one room that displays assets you can view up close. The one that really hit me this time? An actual page of Jane Austen’s novel, Lady Susan.

Jane Austen Letter from The Morgan Library

Several things went through my mind upon seeing this thin sheet of paper. First: can you believe how gorgeous her handwriting is? That alone made it worth the visit to the museum that day. I was really overcome by seeing the actual physical object that later became one of the novels so many of us have read numerous times.

But the other thing that has stayed with me ever since is that Lady Susan is an epistolary novel. It’s a series of letters. So many of Jane Austen’s novels feature letters, but this entire story is told in correspondence. Imagine the possibilities!

Have you ever thought of writing a novel? (I think of almost nothing else these days, if I’m honest.) What has stopped you? The feeling that it’s impossible, or at least extremely difficult to write an entire book?

What if you could do it by writing one letter at a time? What if the best way to write a book and build up your writing muscles was just to start writing handwritten letters to friends and family? Wouldn’t that be so much fun?

It certainly makes me want to leap into action and write letters as part of my daily activities. We all pine for Jane Austen’s day a little bit, don’t we? When friends sent each other letters to stay in touch? And now you can call the time you take with some pretty stationery your “writing time”. And maybe, just maybe, if you keep at it, you’ll end up writing an entire book.

I think you can do it. And if that feels too daunting, just find a friend to write the other side of the conversation… I’m sure there will be many willing partners out there. Just think of how many letters you could look forward to with a project like that underway?

Ok…I’m so excited now I think I’m going to dash off a card to a writing friend right this minute. Hope you do the same! I can’t wait to see what projects come together from this… happy writing.


Author Bio

Caroline Donahue is a book coach, writer, and the host of the Secret Library Podcast. Ever since she started stapling bundles of paper at the age of 6, and pulled her first reading all-nighter at 8, she’s been crazy for reading and writing. It is her mission to inspire and motivate writers to turn their stories into books. Learn more about her work at and find her on IG, Facebook and Twitter.


Bio image courtesy of Feather & Twine

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  1. I totally agree on just seeing Jane’s hand writing making the trip worth it! That would be such a sight for sore eyes to see in person!

    I honestly used to write fantasy stories as a kid when I was in school, and I actually still have the books and the character profiles, but I never managed to finish one!

    I definitely find it intimidating to write a story because there are such skilled writers that I know personally in my life. The impossible and difficult feeling definitely sticks with me. However, I love that notion of writing it one letter at a time. Would I do it? Not quite sure (just honestly speaking as a procrastinating student), but I am amazed by that idea! I find working on one story is hard to keep track with rather than writing a new letter/story every time instead where there is a new idea that is fresh! (hopefully that makes sense!)

    I’m just about to go and create my best friends 30th birthday card and I just realized this is the first year we are ever exchanging cards! Let alone, writing a card to a guy has me stumped just a smidge.

    I can’t say I have a solid project in mind right now.
    I definitely want to keep on writing letters with my Pen Pals, practice hand lettering, and always create a more creative postcard than the last.
    I think rather than a project, it’s a goal for me to learn to write a full letter in japanese!

    • Writing a letter in Japanese is a project/goal & a great one at that Brittany! I’m loving seeing all your creations in the FB group. Thank you for reading & leaving such a thoughtful comment.


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