Day 10 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Welcome to Day 10 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge for National Card & Letter Writing Month!

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Day 10 of the 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove challenge

If you’re just joining us, you can get all the important details here. You won’t want to miss Week 1 for:

And if you’re looking for hand lettering tips and free resources, check out Monday’s guest post from Ameenah.

Day 10 Of The 2017 #sendcardsspreadlove Challenge

Week 2 Challenge: Thank You

The challenge this week is to send a thank you card. You can get the details and tips here.

To be eligible, share your week 2 challenge card and/or letter on IG (remember to follow us) or in the Facebook group. Be sure to tag @prettybypost and use the #sendcardsspreadlove hashtag by April 17th at 11:59 pm EST. All winners will be announced on May 5th via newsletter, on IG and in the FB group.

Today we have a special feature and interview with Sara McNally of Constellation & Co. Sara’s Girls are Smart And Strong card is available in our April 2016 curated collection AND was picked by the PbP community for inclusion in this year’s Best of Collection because it’s that awesome.

#sendcardsspreadlove challenge designer feature

The card below is my absolute favorite card ever and was the main reason that I wanted to meet Sara in person at the National Stationery Show.

Official Paper Nerd Club card

I think I just rambled when I introduced myself to Sara, because introvert and girl crush combined makes for awkward social skills. But she was as sweet as I imagined, and I’m so happy she’s here with us today.

Enjoy getting to know the lovely and really cool woman behind Constellation & Co.

Getting To Know Sara McNally Of Constellation & Co.

Tell us about yourself and Constellation & Co. (why you design cards, why you love stationery, etc).

Hi there. I’m Sara McNally, owner of Constellation & Co., a letterpress stationery company and gift shop in Seattle, Washington.

I’m obsessed with relationships and finding the right words to express my feelings. I wrote my first greeting card for my husband right after we got married seven years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s wonderful to write and share my words with one person, but sharing them with lots of people feels extra special!

I love knowing that my words are helping other people express their feelings of love, support, struggle, grief, joy…and hopefully making them feel a little less alone. Or make them giggle. Giggles are good too.

Opening my own stationery store added an extra element to this process – you can read more about that here.

What does letter writing and sending cards mean to you?

Writing letters takes time. It makes us vulnerable. It costs something (practically and emotionally). It’s not the cheap and easy way to maintain a relationship. It really means something.

And as such, it makes us feel awesome. It shows us that the other person considered us worthy of their time, emotional energy, etc. When I get a letter, card, postcard, or package in the mail, it makes me stop everything I’m doing to think about that person and feel their presence. It’s a beautiful thing.

When I sit down to write to someone, it takes me out of my own head and the busyness of my own life to focus on them. I feel awesome when I seal an envelope and put it in the mail. I’ve taken time for a ritual of relationship, and that little bit of love is now en route! It’s a little secret that makes me smile.

What is your happiest letter or card memory (a card you received or sent, writing your first letter, etc.)?

My Grandma Jean was awesome at sending letters and cards. She sent them often, even when we lived close together. She always made me feel seen and heard.

I saved all of her letters, and they are especially meaningful to me now that she’s gone. I’ve had several pen pals over the years, and I have distinct memories of receiving each of their letters. There’s nothing in the world like sharing your heart and putting it in the mail. Text messages and emails don’t come even a little bit close.

My love of stationery didn’t have a start date. I’ve always loved a fresh notebook, a nice pen, a beautiful card, a handwritten letter. They feel a little bit sacred to me. They’re full of potential – ready for important ideas, big plans, and romantic feelings.

I’ve been chasing that potential my whole life, and every step along the way led me here.

Constellation & Co. cards

PbP was founded to honor those we love with what matters most: loyalty, support and unconditional love. What does #fierceloyalty mean to you?

To me, fierce loyalty means loving and supporting the people in our life, no matter what.

I’ve been through some difficult things in the last few years, and the people who truly love me are the people who have stuck around when I wasn’t fun. Often these are the same people who send me mail. They know how to make a girl feel special!

If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like?

Probably coffee. No, it’s gotta be potato chips. While not edible, the smell of paper and ink are pretty good on their own.

What is playing on your iPod/fave music app/etc., right now?

I’m more of a podcast person than a music person lately. A few of my favorite podcasts lately:

Tanis – horror/fantasy fiction

Why I Write  – interviews with authors

Reply All – stories about the internet

Crime Writers On – documentaries, pop culture, true crime, etc.

Up and Vanished – true crime

The Hilarious World of Depression – comedians talk about mental health


Author Bio

Sara headshotSara McNally is a stationery designer, letterpress printer, aspiring writer, wife, mom and soccer fan. She owns Constellation & Co., loves taking walks near boats, and drinks coffee like she’s getting paid for it. Follow her on Instagram & Twitter.

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