Best Mother’s Day Cards Roundup

Back when I first started PbP (it’ll be two years in July!), I was on a live call sharing all the juicy details about why and how I started my biz, and the #bossbabe running it asked why I didn’t provide Mother’s or Father’s Day cards in my curated collections. I’ve actually never been asked that since, but I think it’s a great question and I want to share my response here since Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday the 14th,  along with the best Mother’s Day cards roundup.

Best Mother’s Day Cards Roundup

I don’t include Mother’s or Father’s Day cards because many of my friends either don’t have a good relationship with their moms or dads, or have suffered the loss of a parent. Pretty good reason, I think. I try my absolute best to provide a curated collection in which you can use all the cards – even if they’re not exactly your taste, I’m sure you know someone who would fall in love with it. What I never want to happen is for one of the PbP posse to open a curated collection and feel sad, hurt, angry, or even to see a card that could be a painful reminder for them.

However, that doesn’t mean that I want those of you who celebrate to go without, so here’s the best Mother’s Day cards roundup for your biological mom, step-mom or other “mother figure” in your life, so you can show your love, appreciation and gratitude for the women or men who raised, supported, nurtured and loved you.

Best Mother’s Day Cards Roundup

Mother Figure Cards

2017 Best Mother's Day Cards Roundup: Mother Figure Cards

  1. For the single dad or perhaps men who raised you My 2 Dads, Full House or Will & Grace style
  2. For a simple expression of love
  3. For whoever was like a mom to you (fill in the blank)
  4. For a stepmom or mother figure
  5. For the person who symbolizes home
  6. For the woman who may not have given birth to you but raised you like she did

Mother Cards

2017 Best Mother's Day Cards Roundup: Mother Cards

  1. For the mom with a rad sense of humor
  2. For the stylish and chic mom
  3. For the superhero mom
  4.  For the child and mom who share a rad sense of humor (this would be the type of card I’d give my mom)
  5. For the mom who was and will always be right
  6. For the gangsta AF mom

Other Great Cards

  1. For first time mothers
  2. From siblings
  3. Humorous thank you
  4. Not a card but for the GOT fans this is a must have and would make a great MD gift too (also comes in a tank and regular t-shirt)


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