A Love Letter to My Mom

A Love Letter to My Mom.

In the midst of a family celebration, I couldn’t help but think of my Mom. She died nearly eight years ago and I miss her like crazy still and I imagine I always will. ❤

Family photos

I’m the baby on the bottom left, the big girl at the top left, and the little cutie on the far left in the photo on the right.

She was a wonderful woman. So kind and sweet and to tell the truth, I don’t think I ever heard her yell . . . except to call us for an ice cream cone or that it was dinner time!

Family photo

See her sweet smile? (She is the one on the far right)

That is her sister Donna next to her and Aunt Donna’s husband, Uncle Bill next to her and he’s holding me! Pretty cute, aren’t I? 😉 Aunt Donna was sweet like my Mom too.

Vintage letters and envelopes

These two letters above, I picked up at a garage sale years ago. Maybe one day I’ll  try to track down the families to return the letters to them.

My mom used to write wonderful letters like these and I own a ton of them. I couldn’t just let them end up in a thrift shop or a garage sale like these did, so I boxed them up to keep. I really do treasure them.


I always looked forward to getting her letters, from the time I first moved out at 18 till she became unable to write due to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. She had the most beautiful handwriting, seriously amazing penmanship.

Nancy 2

I aspire to be the snail mail pro that my Mom was. I’ll still probably always write like a 4th grader, but that doesn’t matter, right? 😎


Thanks for popping by guys and thank you, Danielle, as always, for the snail mail inspiration!!!



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Author Bio

Nancy Gaines is a photo stylist and storyteller, as well as a passionate food photographer. She loves all things paper, crafty and colorful. Her creative, seemingly bionic eye for cute has her shooting a magazine cover for SISTERS magazine and designing, making and shooting a children’s book with author Elizabeth Lymer. Nancy is a wife, mother and grandma who lives in Portland, Oregon. She launched an adventurous online biz with her daughter, Aisha at everydaynaseeha.com. You can also find her on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.


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