A Birthday Tradition You’ll Want to Steal


July is a BIG month not only here at PbP, but also because it’s my birthday month! In fact, the entire month is filled with all sorts of celebrations, including my 14th wedding anniversary and PbP’s one year anniversary, both of which are on the 20th. All three of these occasions seem like good reasons to eat cake for breakfast at least once a week, don’t you agree?

A Birthday Tradition You’ll Want to Steal

This year was supposed to be a special one too, “the big 40,” but in all honesty, it didn’t feel any different. A friend asked me how it felt and my response was “like 39”. I know that everyone feels differently about aging and their birthdays, so I have a new birthday tradition I want to share that takes the focus off of you and aging.

Now I know that some of you may be shaking your head because birthdays are supposed to be about you and trust me, being an only child, I fully subscribe to that. But hear me out.

So What Exactly Is This Awesome Birthday Tradition?

It’s giving your closest friends a handwritten card to let them know much they mean to you and the contributions they have made to your life. Awwwwwww, right?

Super simple and super fun!

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My good friend and fellow PbP subscriber (that’s us below from this past weekend – yay for being an hour flight away!) emailed me earlier this year to share this genius tradition and I absolutely knew that I would be borrowing/stealing it.

Not only does it take the focus off of getting older, but it also becomes all encompassing and embodies the #sendcardsspreadlove challenge – to connect with the ones you love in a fun way, while bringing back the joy and beauty of real communication.

A Birthday Tradition You’ll Want to Steal

She met her friends for dinner and handed them their cards personally. But, since I didn’t see my friends in person, I’ll be mailing my cards out. And every year, I’ll switch out the people so that I can make sure to let all my nearest and dearest know how important they are to me.

These are three cards I’m sending.

Birthday Tradition Best Babes card and pin

Birthday Tradition Friends Forever card

Birthday Tradition Friendship card

To help make this tradition, and sending cards in general, easy and convenient for you, we have our new Themed Collections!

New Themed Collections Have Arrived!

Today, we’re debuting the Birthday and Thank You Collections, with more to come next week. You can find the other themed collections and the one year anniversary monthly collection on this special anniversary page. Also, make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on subscriber only coupons, sneak peeks and first dibs!

Will you adopt this birthday tradition? Please share if so and any other traditions you have in the comments below.

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  1. That’s a terrific idea, Danielle – and one that I will adopt! When my parents were alive, I would often send them a card and sometimes flowers on my birthday to thank them.


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