4 Tips for Handling Stress, Overwhelm and Getting Back on Track

Hi ladies! I can hardly believe it’s almost June! How the heck did that happen? It’s so good to be able to chat with you again! I hope you all have been doing wonderfully!

4 Tips for Handling Stress, Overwhelm and Getting Back on Track

4 Tips for Handling Stress, Overwhelm and Getting Back on Track

My post today, is about planning and what happens when your plan(s) either quietly slip through your fingers or just completely derail like a train wreck!

Both can seem to happen in a blink of an eye and as an entrepreneur you are, much of the time, solely responsible for setting “all the plans” back in order!

Some us are able to seemingly cope with ease and others are their own personal train wreck! Which are you? Or are you somewhere in the middle like me?

All the Plans

What’s my key to handling the “stress” of deadlines, the never enough hours in the day to do “all the plans” and even the guilt for not responding to social media comments timely or finishing that blog post?! Arrrgh!

The list seems endless some days, doesn’t it?? (Like being a day late for writing this guest post! Oops, sorry again, Danielle 💕)

How I manage, is to simply stop the overwhelm. No, I don’t just chuck it all and take a nap . . . although honestly, that might be just what is needed! I do believe in the power of a good nap!

Do What You Love

Here are 4 things I do to get back my sanity!

  1. I reassess what’s in my planner. Am I trying to do too much? Do I have too much on my plate and not enjoying any of it?
  2. I write a quick list of what has to be done for today only! And stick to it! Don’t think about the other million things that you think you have to do! They are not in your plans . . . for the day anyway. 💕
  3. I do a “brain dump”. Get all the clutter out of your brain and write it all down on paper. This can be a real eye opener and can also spark new ideas and help you get back on your creative path.
  4. And lastly, I take a walk! Get out of the house and get some fresh air. Look around, take in your surroundings (stay off your phone!) and be grateful. And perhaps help someone else and/or spread some kindness. Being helpful is an instant pick me up! 😎

All the Plans 2

I hoped this helped, even if it’s just little bit. Let me know in the comments what your tips are for handling stress, overwhelm and getting back on track.

You can never have too many good tips!




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Nancy Gaines is a photo stylist and storyteller, as well as a passionate food photographer. She loves all things paper, crafty and colorful. Her creative, seemingly bionic eye for cute has her shooting a magazine cover for SISTERS magazine and designing, making and shooting a children’s book with author Elizabeth Lymer. Nancy is a wife, mother and grandma who lives in Portland, Oregon. She launched an adventurous online biz with her daughter, Aisha at everydaynaseeha.com. You can also find her on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.

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