3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

Today we’re joined by my friend and multi-faceted artist Nancy Gaines. Nancy is sharing an easy DIY envelopes tutorial with us.

These are perfect for those of you who make your own cards and are looking for some new ideas, and easy for those of you who may be new to crafting and DIY. Please share with us your envelopes on IG by tagging @prettybypost and @yourdori_girl_photos and don’t forget to use the hashtags #fierceloyalty and #sendcardsspreadlove.

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

DIY Envelope Tutorial

Hi lovely PbP community! I’m here today with a fun DIY envelope tutorial. They’re so fun to make, don’t you think? I’ve been making them since I was little.

I’m the girl who put the secret note she passed in class into an envelope. Two reasons for that. The first, it’s obviously just good manners. If you send a note or letter in the mail, you put it in an envelope first. Privacy and all that, right? I would usually tape, glue or staple it closed as well. The extra protection that provided could have meant the difference between someone merely intercepting my envelope and someone being able to break into my security lockdown packaging and actually reading it. Yikes!!!

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

It never occurred to me that my teacher might read it. It was the boys I was trying to keep it from. You know, the ones with cooties. Hehe. 😉

Secondly, it’s cooler and way cuter in an envelope. You can decorate it, draw on it, use pretty paper to make it . . . there are so many options.

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

Nothing’s really changed for me. I grew up and maintained my adoration of all things paper. When Danielle invited me to write this guest post, of course, I jumped at the opportunity! She had me at paper. ❤

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

The envelopes I made here couldn’t be easier! I used two different sources of paper that I’ve been hoarding.

The first set of “envies”, as I lovingly call them, are made from a book called “Flow Book For Paper Lovers”. If you don’t have this massive book of wonderful, you are so missing out! I literally swooned when my sweet friend, Dana, gave it to me as a gift!

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

To start, I used a sheet of paper with a cute design on both sides. Then I grabbed a bowl from the cupboard to make a circle and used it as a template and made two more. To make the envie, you simply fold over four sides of the circle, in order to form a square.

The book also comes with lots of stickers and that’s what I chose to seal it. Poof! Three super neat, easy-peasy and lovely DIY envelopes!

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

The next set is from a paper pad that I purchased from Michael’s about four years ago. They feel and look like handmade papers with a Bollywood kind of vibe. They are seriously the most scrumptious set of papers!

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

I just cut these free hand, folded and glued with a glue stick. Again, easy-peasy. I will use them for secret love notes! 💋

The third envelope is simply a folded sheet of paper and instead of gluing it shut, I used washi tape! I could make these all day long! Try using newspaper, junk mail or my fave medium, brown paper bags. My “grands” (grandchildren) love these!!!

3 Easy and Fun DIY Envelopes Tutorial

Thanks for having me over to Pretty by Post®, Danielle! I hope your lovely audience enjoyed my guest post as much as I loved making it!. Next time, I’ll be back with an extra special card and envelope post. Something fierce!




Author Bio

Nancy Gaines is a photo stylist and storyteller, as well as a passionate food photographer. She loves all things paper, crafty and colorful. Her creative, seemingly bionic eye for cute has her shooting a magazine cover for SISTERS magazine and designing, making and shooting a children’s book with author Elizabeth Lymer. Nancy is a wife, mother and grandma who lives in Portland, Oregon. She’ll soon be launching an adventurous online biz with her daughter, Aisha. Keep an eye out for that at everydaynaseeha.com. She owns Yourdori Girl Photography and offers a beautiful, affordable, styled stock subscription library. You can also find her on Instagram here


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  1. Hi, Nancy! I agree – a pretty or interesting envelope really enhances our correspondence, and is such a treat to receive. These are great – thanks for sharing!

  2. Nancy … I share you love of paper. Thanks for an inspiring blog post! I’m off to make circle envelopes …


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